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It's About ALL of Us


You can have everything in life you want, if you just help other people get what they want. Zig Ziglar

With IWIN123 You Learn to Earn

The Institute for Wealth In Networking (IWIN123) focus is the instruction of marketing disciplines. As a innovative leader in our field for over 13 years our mission is to attain success for our members by helping others attain success. We pride ourselves knowing that our business model is considered among the best in the industry.

Our Product / service in one word is: Education

Our school, is charged to teach marketing strategies that are employed to find customers for businesses. Then like a school that hires it’s graduates as teachers to tutor new students, IWIN123 employs a business platform that gives you the framework for you to build your own business where you then earn an income by applying these marketing strategies to tutor new incoming members.

Learn & Earn.

A Leader will always have good leads because that’s who leads are looking for.

We develop and provide the training, support and related marketing products that every business needs. No matter what business you may find yourself in, the one thing all businesses have in common is a need for customers and a effective marketing strategy is always the engine that drives successful businesses. We use these tools to further our mission’s goal of helping others attain the financial freedom they seek.

Our compensation structure rewards our members as they help others succeed

In this way there is a mutual support built between existing and new members to share and cooperate as a team rather than compete as rivals. This leadership not only sustains our business but fuels its expansion. Our philosophy is perhaps best expressed by the following verse:

Proverbs 11:25 – A generous man will prosper, he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.


"This Video Changes Lives!"

Why You Should Give Us Serious Consideration..



We help set up a marketing strategy to source targeted leads who are honestly interested in your business.


We make the initial calls for you. Since we have the experience we are in a better position to answer questions to your leads


We sign up your first 2 sales. Your making a 90% commission starting with your first sign up. You get a quick return on your investment.

IWIN123 Features

When you embark on a new home business venture you want to make sure that it is DESIGNED with your success in mind. You really want to have as much going for you as possible. We suggest you review the following features to make sure that the business you join is giving these benefits to you rather than someone else….remember you want to be able to say

“IWIN” not “THEY WIN”…

The IWIN123 institute teaches you the marketing strategies to gain customers in any business of your choosing.You can also elect to use these concepts within the IWIN123 Business Platform that we provide and thus start your own home business as a partner in the IWIN123 Family.

The features listed below show what IWIN123’s business platform provides you. The choice is yours!

The cash from your first person GOES DIRECTLY TO YOU. That’s right. You get the commission from the first sale not your inviter. This puts money in your pocket right away… meaning you will have your initial start-up expenses back very quickly. YOU WIN!
Your inviter will make your initial telephone calls for you (because new members generally need that support) WITHOUT ANY EXTRA COST TO YOU. YOU WIN!
Talk about support. Your inviter will ALSO call and help sign up your first 2 sales for you, WITHOUT ANY COSTS TO YOU. Most other businesses out there may charge you 30% of your commission for doing this. At IWIN123 your inviter is happy to help you because he gets a residual income from your sales. YOU WIN!
You will receive 90% commission starting with that first sale (your inviter gets 10% residual) That’s a heck of a lot better than giving the entire first sale to your inviter. YOU WIN AGAIN!
You continue to receive 10% cash residuals from your down-line’s sales forever! You are receiving more income by helping those that you invited into your business. YOU KEEP WINNING HERE!
You Personally make 90% and your sponsor gets 10% of the money from every person you invite once you are qualified. ANOTHER WIN FOR YOU
Your second person you sponsor is your qualifier (the money goes up line to your sponsor) BUT here’s the BEST part: This qualifier remains IN YOUR DOWNLINE (not your inviter’s downline) and you continue to receive 10% of their cash referrals FOREVER. Do you have ANY IDEA how big this is?????? It is worth thousands of dollars if you act quickly… WIN WIN WIN
All the Profits from your business goes to our Members – NONE – Yes,…You are reading that right – NONE goes to the company! YOU CAN SEE WHY WE CALL THIS IWIN123
When you sponsor someone, the money goes straight to you that day.

OK, so while these features may be really valuable to you, JUST imagine working at some other business WITHOUT these benefits and trying to sign up prospective members… you’d have to convince them that they should “settle” for something less….that would be a hard sell for you... WHY SETTLE? Start winning!




To Earn A Great Income Just Do This…..


Your first job is to LEARN

IWIN123 teaches you a marketing plan that you follow to get you started. This step is crucial as it will create a flow to you of very targeted people who are truly interested in your business.

Help your down line get started & EARN

Next You’ll take those leads and simply answer some common questions.(don’t worry your inviter is getting a residual income to help you here) Finally you’ll direct them to our site to view the videos and sign up!….. Really simple stuff here.

You return calls to people who are asking for information

You will want to assist your down line with some of their first calls and sign ups. Again just provide some guidance to basic questions that each new member has. Follow this plan and You’ll CONTINUOUSLY EARN A RESIDUAL INCOME on every single sale your down line makes.

Are you ready to 'Go Where You're Treated Best'?

Step 1: Click To Watch The Quick Start Video!

Our Products Teach You How To Increase Your Income!

IWIN123 provides educational marketing products and services to online marketers and home-business owners. IWIN123 offers 5 courses of business and marketing software products and tools as well as health and wellness and self development packages. Details are available in the products section below.

These products and tools are packed with information and methods which you can employ to build your business as you market them to earn an increasingly lucrative income. Naturally the higher levels produce higher profits for you. Learn & Earn.

You might think of the 5 courses as additional shares of stock in your business and thus your higher degree of ownership (more courses) entitles you to additional products as well as larger commissions on each course.


The Institute for Wealth in Network Marketing’s main service is to focus on coaching our members on the various marketing strategies available. Our primary service is to provide marketing education.

PAY CLOSE ATTENTION HERE, as we will guide you to numerous proven methods that you can choose from. These are exactly the same methods that the various internet guru’s are using to attain their success. Keep in mind that you are responsible for doing your homework here. If you are lazy and are looking for a get rich scheme.., you are in the wrong place. Just follow our directions and you will find success.

  • We teach marketing strategies for businesses.

  • We show people how to earn a lucrative income from home.

  • We give Live coaching and call your initial leads for you.

  • We mentor clients with strategic marketing tools to achieve sales.

  • We close your first 2 sales to get you earning money.


IWIN123 provides a variety of digital software, e-books and powerful instructional presentations which are available for paid members to download. These topics cover a wide range of topics with an emphasis on networking and the Internet . All products have reseller rights. Each course that a member selects to enroll at provides additional marketing products that are delivered on demand. A sample description of these products can be viewed by CLICKING below:

Listen To Some Tips From Our Members:

IWIN123’s Hottest Marketing / Training Secret Explained!

Stop Settling! Start Winning Today

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