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FAQ - Iwin123


What is IWIN123?

IWIN123 is an affiliate program. We develop and provide the training, support and related marketing products and strategies that can be used in promoting any business.

I’m from another country. Can I join IWIN123?

Yes! IWIN123 welcomes members from all around the world.

Are there any hidden fees?

Absolutely not. There are NO MONTHLY FEES.

How and when do I get paid?

You get paid immediately and directly from one of our payment processors OR if you prefer, the monies can be sent in cash, deposited into your bank account, PayPal, money order, cashier check, your choice.

Will I be able to see my referrals or change my details?

Yes. Just login to our members area anytime. You can view and email your entire down-line at once.

Do you provide support?

Yes. We provide unlimited customer support (within reason).

How long will this take to set up?

As soon as you fill out the form to join IWIN123, your site is set up instantly!

Do I need a domain or web hosting account?

No. Your site will appear on, with your affiliate ID to track your sales, so all payments go directly into one of your payment processor accounts. You simply promote your affiliate link to make sales.

Do I have to join all of the payment processors you offer?

No. If you only have one, your site will only show the one payment option when people get to the payment stage, however we recommend using all of them. Each one is FREE to join. We have all the sign up links ready for you when you join.

Can I get a refund?

Your membership is non-refundable. All sales are final. The reason for this is due to the nature of our instant payments to our affiliates. We cannot refund money to you that has already been paid out to our affiliates. We never even handle that money – it is paid directly to our affiliates.