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How it Works - Iwin123

How It Works

This system focuses on people helping people. If you have been searching for a unique system that really works, you have finally found it. If you are looking for a financial break-through in your life then you came to the right place!

With this ingenious system, you can immediately and dramatically change your financial life! Our system is simple and based upon the power of one!

This activity is Internet based and automated with a customized computer software program. The tracking and placement of all the members within this structure is handled for you automatically. All you need is a system recognized username. That’s it!

Here’s how this simple system works. First, YOU decide to join as a member of our IWIN123 Team. Upon joining you log into YOUR NEW IWIN123 WEB SITE and pay the yearly $125.00 Administrative fee for your IWIN123 Web Site & Hosting which includes the built in  personal online Tracking Software which will keep track of your business progress. Your IWIN web site is available immediately upon joining.

Remember this is a 5 Level Membership. The 5 Levels are $250, $500, $1,000, $2000 and $3750. If you joined at only the $250 level you can only receive membership payments at the $250 level. Be sure and read the How the Levels Work Q&A: Click Here

NOTE: You can visualize how the compensation payouts work by reviewing
the flow charts at the bottom of this page.

After you have joined and paid your sponsor and admin fee you are then considered an Active Member and you can start promoting your own business. Because this is a “Delayed 1-up System,” when you make your first sale 90% of that money goes to YOU! Of course you will still have to pay the 10% residual to your up-line sponsor.

When you make your second sale this is when you full-fill your 1-up obligation to your sponsor. Even though you give up the money from this sale to your sponsor it is important and very significant that you realize that you get to keep this person in YOUR line. This means 10% of all his future sales will come to YOU! From this point on, YOU are qualified to be in the receiving position FOREVER! YOU are now the person in control of your financial destiny.

This NEW CONCEPT is a 1-UP to infinity structure. There are NO BOARDS to fill, NO MATRIX’S to split or stall and NO BINARY to balance. The 1-UP structure is superior and mathematically out-performs ANY other program out there.

Now remember, this is only your 1st Receiving Line, but it doesn’t stop there! Each and every NEW person you personally invite to become a member begins a NEW Receiving Line. YOU can invite as many NEW people as you want, to create 3, 5, 10, 20 even 100 NEW Receiving Lines of Wealth to Infinity.

Here’s where you can begin to VISUALIZE the steady stream of cash that’s generated by this powerful system and it’s all based upon The Power of One! It’s real, it’s life changing, and it’s simple.

Just figure it out for yourself how the Power of One will dramatically change your life. Write out the strategy of everyone inviting just 1 new person each and every week to the IWIN123 program. Now calculate this out for 50 weeks. Do you think you could do this?

Absolutely YOU can! In fact, SOME people are inviting 1 new person every day or every other day! When you realize that YOU are receiving financial payments from ALL of the qualifiers to infinity from each new Receiving Line you are creating, you won’t be able to sleep tonight! This is the power of exponential growth to infinity!

Another very important aspect of our activity is the system and tools that are in place for you to be successful. These are just some of the tools that are available:

*Private, password protected website that explains this powerful system.
*Live Meet-the-Team Workshop Training.
* Complete Marketing System.
*Private marketing lead systems that will bring people to you who are seriously looking to generate cash.
*Member’s Back Office that tracks all of your Receiving Lines in Real Time.

And new tools are constantly being developed to help you succeed in your quest for personal financial freedom!

This incredible revolutionary Delayed 1-UP structure has created so much excitement! By practicing the true spirit of People Helping People you WILL create positive changes in your financial future.

Don’t wait another day�Seize The Moment! NOW is the time to take action! Get back to the person who referred you to IWIN123 and make the decision to JOIN US TODAY!

Click Here to watch Part 1 of the Compensation Movie!

Click Here to watch Part 2 of the Compensation Movie!


Compensation Flow Charts




Compen$ation Details:

The important points to remember is that you receive License fees from the members you invite based on the level you are at yourself. These examples assume you joined at all 5 levels, as is everyone else in the examples.

When you invite someone, they give you 2 things:

  • 90% of the levels they are joining at. (they send 10% to your inviter too.)

  • And they also give your their 2nd person License fee as a qualifier.


  • You also will continue to receive qualifiers from these qualifiers as they join later.

  • You will continue to receive 10% of all the sales your invited members make.

So, if your members EACH earned $100,000 per year, you would be getting $10,000 from their sales as a residual. 10 members doing that would earn you $100,000 for the year just from the residuals alone. Exciting! So, you want to make sure you assist your invitees as much as possible because we all win with IWIN123.